Wollangambe Crater Walk - 30 - 31 July 2016

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Party - Su Li, Brent,  Martin, Steffy, Dave

Above - Starting out along the Bell Perimeter Trail

Above - On the track

Above - A nice place for a break at the South Branch of the Wollangambe

Above - Climbing up onto the ridge (behind you can see a party of lost children)

Above - Approaching 994 spot height

Above - On the 994 pagoda

Above - As we climb down, some of the lost children climb up

Above - Su Li has a rest at this convenient tree

Above - A nice place for lunch

Above - Nice going on rocky ridges

Above - Martin descending to the crater

Above - At Wollangambe RIver. We left our packs at the campsite on the south side. We crossed on this log to go to the crater.

Above - The Wollangambe River - looking quite clean after the recent coal fine spillage

Above - Wollangambe Crater

Above - Wollangambe Crater campsite

Above - Wollangambe Crater

Above - Buttongrass

Above - At the creek campsite

Above - Back on the ridge on the way home

Above - Isopogon fletcherii

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