Yodellers Range - 5 - 8 October 2005

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Above - The three summits of Wedding Cake Mountain on the left (it is incorrectly marked on the Widden 1:25,000 map) and Watts Mountain on the right from Myrtle Creek front gate. The cone like peak of Wedding Cake Mountain is called Mt Tindale.

Rik Deveridge organised this trip to go to the Yodellers Range in the Widden Valley (Far Northern Blue Mts). He had never been there before. Neither had Lisa and Brian who also came along. I had first been to the Yodellers in 1976 when a group of us in SUBW did a beaut series of trips traversing the whole range and many of the other peaks in the valley. I had returned a few times over the intervening years, and it was very good to go there again and see the range still much as it was in earlier times.

Day 1 - October 5 - Stage 4 (and part of stage 3) - Cats Ears, Christmas Pudding, Pile of Poop
Day 2 - October 6 - Walk up Myrtle Trail and return (too hot for ridge)
Day 3 - October 7 - Stage 2  - Auguille du Schooner, Un-named peak, Blue Yodeller, Octave Gap
Day 4 - October 8 - Drive around to Emu Ck and a close look at Mt Morgan (The Geryon)

Looking along the Yodellers Range from the Christmas Pudding. Wedding Cake Mountain is on the middle right, the Un-named peak is on the far left. Watts Mountain lies behind Wedding Cake Mountain. The closest peak is the Pile of Poop.

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