Pinnacles near the Red Rocks

All images © David Noble. No image an be used for any purpose without permission.

These pinnacles lie between Mt Dawson and Point Nicholson on the Red Rocks - overlooking the Capertee Valley. Best access may be from Newnes via Little Capertee Creek

Pinnacle 1

Above - in this photo - it looks like it has an impressive arete on the right hand side. But this is a photographic trick

Above - another view of the pinnacle

Pinnacle 2

Above - this one looks impressive - but is actually quite small. Perhaps 10m high? This is zoomed in a long way.

Above - it lies at the bottom of an impressive wall

Pinnacle 3 - Ross's Knob

Above - Ross's Knob is an old bushwalkers name for this pinnacle. It has been marked on the new 1:25,000 Ben Bullen map as "Gindantherie Pinnacle" (the parish that Newnes is in or close to). I would think it at least 50 m high on the left (shorter) side. It could possible be climbed via the vegetated ledge on the right side. First up the obvious weakness to the ledge, then another pitch up the face which may offer some gear placements. All other sides seem chossy.

Pagoda of Death

Above - An easy but exposed scramble to get down off this big pagoda

Above - A Google Earth image showing locations. The Capertee Valley is on the left. Little Capertee Creek is the creek flowing to the right in the lower part of the image. It joins the Wolgan River at the Newnes campground. Mt Dawson is just off the image to the south.