Mill Creek and Georges River Paddling Trip - 21 January 2016

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Digi Dave (sea kayak), Dave (packraft)

Above - Our starting point on the Georges River. Mill Creek enters on the opposite side.

Above - A poor shot of a kingfisher

Above - Digi Dave

Above - Mill Ck

Above - Digi Dave

Above - Digi Dave

We paddled up Mill Creek about 3 km and then returned quite fast - as the tide was going out and we were concerned we would run aground in shallow areas.

Above - Couch surfers on the Georges River

After lunch, we paddled up the Georges River to Parkesvale - an old pleasure ground

Above - This section of Parkesvale has been overused by 4WD's and trail bikes

Above - cliffs above the Georges River

Above - a storm is coming!

Above - Digi Dave

Above - the storm from the way home at Sydenham Rail Bridge - getting closer

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