Nelson Lakes National Park Walk - January 2004

Travers - Sabine Circuit

All photos © David Noble. They cannot be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Rik, Martin, Tina, Stefan, Alex, Christine, Fred, Melanie, Dave

Above - Some of the party in the pub at Nelson before the walk, Fred, Stefan, Tina, Melanie, Alex

Above - Crossing a stream in the Travers Valley, Fred, Rik, Christine, Melanie and Alex

Above - getting into the supplies - Alex and Fred at John Tait Hut

Above - Continuing up the valley

Above - Rainforest near Travers Falls

Above - Rainforest near Travers Falls

Above - Tina and spaniards. On the way up Mt Travers

Above - Stopping for a rest on the way up Mt TRavers - Martin, Alex, Fred, Tina, Stefan, Christine

Above - near the summit, Fred, Christine and Alex

Above - Christine and Alex clamber over boulders

Above - On the summit of Mt Travers, Alex, Fred, Christine, Martin, Rik and Dave

Above - On the summit of Mt Travers, Alex, Fred, Christine, Rik and Martin

Above - Martin on the descent

Above - On the descent

Above - Morning cloud, Mt Travers from Upper Travers Hut

Above - Misty meadow

Above - Dew

Above - Mist shrouded peaks

Above - Mist shrouded peaks

Above - Alex and Christine near Travers Saddle

Above - Mt Travers from Travers Saddle

Above - The party at Travers Saddle - Fred, Melanie, Alex, Christine, Tina, Rik, Stefan, Martin, Dave

Above - At Travers Saddle

Above - The way down to the Sabine is via a long scree slope

Above - Fred and Tina model the latest SUBW gear outside Sabine Forks Hut

Above - Lichen

Above - Lichen

Above - Playing cards during the evening

Above - On the way up to Blue Lake, Alex, Christine, Martin, Fred and Rik

Above - On the way up to Blue Lake

Above - Blue Lake

Above - wildflowers

Above - Blue Lake

Above - Alpenglow on the peaks above Blue Lake

Above - Frosty plants

Above - Christine and Melanie cross a stream on the way down the Sabine

Above - a drink stop on the Sabine

Above - Fungi on the valley floor

Above - Melanie and Christine have a well earned (although small) drink

Above - Climbing onto the tops

Above - Martin and Rik arriving at Lake Angelus

Above - looking back at Lake Angelus from the summit of a nearby peak

Above - Lake Angelus Hut

Above Lake Angelus

Above - Lake Angelus

Above - at the hut - Fred, Martin, Christine, Alex and Melanie

Above - Lake Angelus - the weather closes in

Above - Christine , Malanie and Rik on a walk to nearby tarns

Above - We spent the evening doing table traverses in the hut.

Above - Near Lake Angelus

Above - Near Lake Angelus

Above - On the Roberts Range

Above - Kea

After this walk - most of the party went on a shorter walk along part of the Arthur Range in Kahurangi National Park

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