Goat Island - Bush Regeneration Weekend - 8-9 December 2012

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Page 1 - Saturday

Friends Stu and Enmoore had invited me to join them on a weeding weekend together with Jeff and other volunteers from the Willow Warriors. We were assisting the NPWS to try and remove weeds to make the Island more natural. We spent the whole weekend on the Island - camping overnight.

The regeneration of Goat Island is one of many ongoing projects of the Willow Warriors. If you want to help them - then get in touch via their website on the above link.

Photos from Sunday can be found on this page

Above - some of us came to the Island on this NPWS boat, others came via sea kayak

Above - the old harbour masters house - at the highest point on the Island

Above - passing tall ship

Above - passing party boat

Above - Sydney Harbour Bridge

Above - an old workshop on the Island

Above - the sea - reflections

Above - Enmoore and Stu

Above - the nearby CBD

Above - seat carved by a young convict Boney Anderson

Above - an old lime kiln - used to make cement from shells (from old middens)

Above - passing tanker

Above - old convict era building

Above - seagulls - they had no predators on the Island. There were lots of nest at ground level.

Above - dusk

Above - passing pelican

Above - in the evening we had a BBQ on the lawn with this great view of the city

Above - Darling Harbour - fireworks

Above - Orion and Jupiter above the Harbour Bridge

Above - a campsite with great views

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