Traverse of the Western and Eastern Arthur Range - January 1999

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose.

This was an eleven day solo trip. I was fortunate to get good weather for most of the walk. As well - I got some interesting photographic conditions. Except for a camp at Promontory Lake - most of the campsite on the trip were at unusual places.

Page 1 - Mount Hesperus to Lake Oberon

Page 2 has photos from High Moor to Federation Peak

On the first day, the bus dropped me off at Huon Camp around midday and I walked down to Junction Creek and headed up Moraine A and camped in sheltered spot on the top. This was an ideal place to climb nearby Mt Hesperus for sunset and sunrise.

Above - My sheltered campsite with Mt Hesperus and the old DZ (air drop zone) behind.

Day 2 - At dawn I quickly climbed Mt Hesperus again hoping for a good sunrise. I was not disappointed.

Above - There was still some mist around as I walked towards the Capella Crags and Mt Hayes.

Above - Some other walkers headed down to Lake Oberon to camp. I decided to camp up high.

Day 3 - Sunrise from Mt Sirius. No morning mist - but still nice atmospheric conditions. Another short days walking to High Moor followed.

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