South West Tasmania - February 1975

This was my first walk in Tasmania. It was a SUBW trip organised by Ross Bradstock. From Sydney we organised three airdrops of food. We ended up being out for 23 days. It was a fantastic trip. The original slides are starting to get a bit mouldy and the colours are fading - so I have scanned them - and here are a selection.

Part 1 - Southern Ranges to Precipitous Bluff, New River Lagoon and Prion Beach. South Coast Track to Malelueca and Port Davey Track to Junction Creek

Day 1

Above - The party at the drop-off point - Martin, Ian, Ross and Dave

Above - A cool spot for lunch on the Southern Ranges

Above - Ross ad Ian look at the Cockscomb Ridge off Mt La Perouse

Above - Ian coming up from the Pigsty Ponds

Above - Ross climbing a hill

Day 2

Above - Ross looking at Pindars Peak

Above - Getting ready for the scrub, Martin, Ian and Ross

Above - Ian and Mt Victoria Cross

Day 3

Above - Our campsite near Mt Wylly

Day 4

Above - On the ridge heading towards PB

Above - Our campsite on Precipitous Bluff

Above - New River Lagoon

Above - New River Lagoon and Prion Beach. The "paddock" area near the lagoon on the lower right is thick baura-tea tree scrub

Above - Great views from the summit. Martin, Ian and Dave

Above - Many hours later and after a lot of scrub - at New River Lagoon. Martin, Ian and Ross

Above - Looking back at PB

Above - We pick up our first airdrop - and here Dave has a nice large beer.

Day 5

Above - Ross, Ian and Martin make sandcastles on the beach

Above - The scrub has taken its toll on our gear - and we spend the morning sewing before walking to camp at Deadmans Bay

Day 6

Above - Ross on the Ironbound Range

Above - Ian at the bottom of the Ironbounds

Day 7

Above - Ian and Martin on the track to Cox Bight

Above - Ross heads to Malelueca Inlet

Day 8

Above - Heading for The Narrows - Bathurst Harbour

Above - Mt Rugby

Above - Ross looking for the boats. Someone had bee nrowing accross but had been blown way up the harbour

Day 9

Above - campsite near the Narrows

We then spent two days walking up the Port Davey Track to Junction Creek where we picked up our second airdrop. The weather was bad on the next day.

Day 12

Above - we spent the day in the shelter hut at Junction Creek .

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