South West Tasmania - February 1975

Part 2 - Western Arthurs Traverse

Day 13

Above - Looking up at the range

Above - Ian looking at Mt Hesperus on the way up Morraine A

Above - Ross looks back at the Peddar Impoundment from the top of Morraine A

Above - Ross near Mt Hesperus

Above - Ross and Ian looking along the range from the summit of Mt Hesperus

Above - Ross - routefinding near Mt Hayes

Above - Lake Oberon from near Mt Sirius

Above - Square Lake from Mt Sirius

Above - Lake Oberon

Above - View along the range from near Mt Sirius.

Above - Ian, Martin and Ross heading down to camp at Lake Oberon

Day 14

Above - We spent the day stormbound at Lake Oberon - a windy boggy place. Dave stands outside the tents.

Dave 15

Above - View from the Pegasus

Above - View along the range from The Pegasus.

Above - Lake Oberon

Above - Martin descending near Lake Pluto

Above - Ian admires the rugged ridgeline

Above - stopping for a break - Ross, Martin and Ian

Above - On Mt Capricorn

Above - View from Mt Capricorn

Above - Ross in the scrub near Mt Columba

Above - Ian and Ross climbing one of the summits of Mt Columba

Above - The High Moor

Above - Looking at the Little Beggary Bumps

Above - Campsite at High Moor

Above - Ross looks towards Federation Peak

Day 16

Above - Looking back along the range

Above - Ian descending the Tilted Chasm

Above - Martin on Lovers Leap

Above - Martin and Ross near Mt Taurus

Above - View back from Mt Taurus

Above - Haven Lake

Above - Peak near Haven Lake

Above - Ross (bottom left) starts to climb Mt Scorpio

Above - Promontory Lake from Mt Scorpio

Above - Dusk - Prom Lake

Day 17

Above - Morning - Prom Lake

Above - View from the Phoenix

Above - Mt Anne

Above - View from the Phoenix

Above - Ross and Ian on Centaurus Ridge

Above - Ian and Ross approach West Portal

Above - View west from West Portal

Above - Ian on the Crags of Andromeda

Above- We stop for a short rest at Lake Rosanne

Above - Late afternoon - Ian and Ross crossing the Arthur Plains - heading to Craycroft Crossing and our third and last airdrop.

Above - We get a glimpse of Federation Peak

Above - The local wildlife does Martin's washing up

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