Traverse of Mt Hopetoun and Arthur Range (SW Tasmania)

16 - 27 January 2001

Page 1 - Mt Hopetoun Traverse

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Party - Rob Hynes, Alex Debono, Dave Noble

Day 1 - Rob's father, who lives near Hobart drove us out to Farmhouse Creek. That day was walked on the Federation Peak track over the Picton Bobs saddle to camp on the Cracroft River.

Above - rainforest near the Picton/Bobs Saddle

Above - Federation Peak and Mt Hopetoun

Day 2 - Walked to the west branch of the river and climbed onto Lancasters Lead to camp on the buttongrass just before a wall of scrub below a ridge leading to Mt Hopetoun.

Above - lunch at the Craycroft River

Above - camp at the top of the buttongrass on Lancasters Lead

Above - Looking up Lancasters Lead. Mt Hopetoun.

Day 3 - We donned scrub armour (long pants, gaiters and leather gloves) and adopted a rigid system of alternating leads through thick scrub to break out into an open alpine moor for lunch. After lunch scrub continued - and the route became steeper - with some scrambling being needed. But in places we were able to pick up signs of an old faint pad left by a previous party. At about 4pm we arrived on a large moor near the summit of Mt Hopetoun. As there was a small pool of water nearby, we decided to camp early. The campsite was very exposed - but we had excellent views of Federation Peak.

Above - Alex in the scrub!

Above - Federation Peak (it looks different from this angle!)

Above - the top part of ascent ridge was a bit more scrambly

Above - On top of Mt Hopetoun.

Above - High camp on Mt Hopetoun

Above - our camping moor

Above - Dusk, Mt Hopetoun.

Above - Sunset near Federation Peak

Day 4 - Another day of scrub. We traversed the peak towards Pass Creek and on the way sampled a fair range of Tasmania's botanical horrors - scoparia, pandani, baura, tea tree, white waratah, cutting grass and some horizontal scrub. As well we were constantly plagued by a thick cloud of giant march flies (known as B52's) - which we would try and kill in new and nasty ways. At one time we broke into a clearing of button grass - but it was "old man button grass" - tussocks at least a metre high - which was nearly as bad as the scrub. We arrive at the Pass Creek campsite, tired and torn at 7:30 pm.

Above - dawn

Above - looking ahead

Above - Looking to the Eastern Arthurs - it may be easier to traverse to Goon Moor?

Above - looking ahead

Above - Federation Peak

Above - We are now at the end of the easy country. Between us and Pass Creek - mostly very scrubby. slow going

Above - Rob in the buttongrass opening

Day 5 - Huey gave us a day off. The weather turned foul so we had a lay day at Pass Creek. During the day we met some climbing friends of mine, Chris and Helma, who had just come off Federation Peak.

Above - Crags of Andromeda from Pass Creek.

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