Norold Range - Old River - Eastern Arthur Range - January 1987

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Party - Tony Norman, Dave Noble

Above - On the first day we walked from Scotts Peak Dam to Seven Mile Creek on the Arthur Plains. We then spent two days there sitting out bad weather.

Above - Tony (Norm) on Moraine K in fine weather

Above - Haven Lake looked attractive while we had lunch above it. We did not go down to the lake. Our route lay over MT Alderbarren and then onto an un-named peak above the North River. That night we camped on the un-named peak (we called it Mt Poindexter). It was scrubby getting onto and off this peak.

Above - Morning mist pouring over the Western Arthur Range

That day - we descended through some interesting scrub to the North River and then climbed up an open spur onto the Norold Range to camp.

Above - Easy open going on the Norold Range. After camping on top - we spent the next day climbing all the peaks and then descended to the Old River.

We had at least one more stormbound day on the Old River before we could continue to the base of Gorilla Ridge

Above - Norm in the tent cooking near Mosquito Creek at the base of Gorilla Ridge.

We found Gorilla Ridge an easy climb compared to the walking we had already done. We reached Geeves Bluff in the mid afternoon.

Above - Hanging Lake and Federation Peak on the right from the top of Gorilla Ridge

Above - Tents at Hanging Lake

We knew from radio weather forecasts that more bad weather was on the way - so we climbed Federation Peak later that afternoon. This was good to do - as the weather the next day was very bad - and we retreated off the Eastern Arthur Range to Pass Creek.

Above - On the way to climb Federation Peak

After heading back to civilisation - Norm headed home. I had a bit more time so did a light-weight solo traverse of part of the Western Arthur Range.

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