Western Arthurs Traverse - South West Tasmania - January 1992

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Party - Michael "Ted" Maack, Rob Hynes, Dave Noble

We had originally intended to do a full traverse of the Arthur Range finishing at Federation Peak - but we had a lot of bad weather on the Western Arthurs and when were reached Pass Creek at the base of the Eastern Arthurs - more bad weather was forecast. So we bailed out early and spent a few days at Mt Field National Park.

Above - Junction Creek - fairly high

Above - Our campsite at the bottom of Moraine A. We waited here a few days for the weather to improve. Other parties were waiting too.

Above - small creek nearby

Above - small crags on top of Moraine A

Above - Rob and Ted climbing Mt Hesperus

Above - Detail - Lake Cygnus

Above - Lake Cygus

Above - Ted traversing near Mt Hayes

Above - Rob and Ted descending near Mt Hayes

Above - traversing towards Square Lake

Above - Rob and Ted resting

Above - Our first campsite in the range at Square Lake

Above - Rob leaving Square Lake to climb Mt Sirius in the late afternoon

Above - Mt Hayes from Mt Sirius

Above - Square Lake

Above - Mt Procyon and Mt Orion with Square Lake below

Above - Looking along the rest of the Western Arthurs from Mt Sirius

Above - Looking along the rest of the Western Arthurs from Mt Sirius

Above - Dusk near Square Lake

Above - dawn from Mt Sirius

Above - The Western Arthur Range

Above - The Western Arthur and Eastern Arthur Ranges

Above - The Western Arthur Range

Above - Lake Oberon

Above - Ted with his video camera on Mt Sirius

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