Blue Breaks Walk - 24 - 29 September 2011

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Party - Tim, Peter, Dave

Page 1 - Days 1 to 3 - Kanangra Walls - Gingra Range - Roots Ridge - Kowmung River - Butchers Creek - The "Shack" - Broken Rock Range

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Page 2 - Butchers Creek - Broken Rock Range
Page 3 - Broken Rock Range - Butchers Creek - Kowmung River
Page 4 - Kowmung River

Above - Dawn, Kanangra Tops, wet and very misty

Above - Kanangra - the defile near the Dancefloor Cave

Above - misty trees - Gingra Range

Above - Peter and Tim on Gingra Range

Above - The Kowmung River from Roots Ridge

Above - Kowmung River

Above - Kowmung River

Above - Kowmung River

Above - Kowmung River

Above - Kowmung River

Above - Kowmung River

Above - Kowmung River - bank

Above - Peter collecting water

Above - crossing the Kowmung

Above - Kowmung flats

Above - catterpillars on Scotts Main Range (we saw three separate masses like this on Scotts Main)

Day 2 - Butchers Creek - Scotts Main Range - New Yards Range

Above - a wet camp in Butchers Creek. A lot of damage caused by wild pigs ripping up the banks has occured. It rained a lot overnight - and we had heavy rain over breakfast - so we decided to head towards the huts on New Yards Range and sit out the bad weather. Despite the rain - the creek was dry except for a small pool of water near where we camped.

Above - Enjoying the fire inside the dry cosy hut at New Yards. This is one of two huts owned by a company made up of members of the Catholic Bushwalkers. This hut is kept unlocked and passing bushwalkers are allowed to use it as a refuge in bad weather. We were very gratefull!

Day 3 - New Yards - Butchers Creek - Broken Rock Range

Above - packing up the next morning after a very wet previous day

Above - Butchers Creek

Above - Butchers Creek - mosty a dry creek bed!

Above - climbing onto Broken Rock Range

Above - a telephoto shot showing Lake Burragorang and Mt Solitary

Above - Tim climbing onto Broken Rock Range

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