Blue Gum Forest Walk - 2-4 July 2014

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This was a three day solo walk from Blackheath to Leura via Govetts Leap, Blue Gum Forest, Lockleys Pylon and the Mt Hay Road.

Above - Looking down into the Grose Valley from Govetts Leap Lookout

Above - Bridal Veil Falls

Above - Bridal Veil Falls

Above - The creek lower down

Above - Looking up at the cliffs near Pulpit Rock

Above - Unusual formation near the creek

Above - Small cascade near Junction Rock

Above - An orchid, Caladenia picta  Thanks to Dan Clark for the initial id, and to Col Gibson for correcting the species id.

Above - Looking up at the cliffs

Above - Fungi on a small log

Above - The Fortress

Above - An orchid, Caladenia picta

Above - Blue Gum Forest

Day 2

Above - Early morning at my camp in Acacia Flat. I had got up earlier - bit it wasn't till later when sunbeams appeared that it was worth heading back into Blue Gum Forest for some photos.

Above - Blue Gum Forest

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