Blue Gum Forest Walk - 14-16 March 2014

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This was a solo walk from Leura, along the Mt Hay Road to the Lockleys Pylon track, and then out to the Pylon for a high camp. The next day I went down to Blue Gum Forest and camped at nearby Acacia Flat. The last day was spent walking to Blackheath via Govetts Leap and Popes Glen.

Above - ominous clouds! A storm was coming and hit me soon after I took this photo. I walked out from Leura Station - and it took about two hours to reach the Lockleys Pylon Track turnoff.

Above - rain!

Above - in open heath on Lockleys Pylon - perhaps not the best place to be during an electrical storm!

Above - Fortress Creek

Above - Looking down the Grose Gorge as it heads into the Kolonga Labyrinth

Above - storm-cloud above Mt Banks

Above - Govett Gorge and the Grose Valley

Above - my refuge - this sheltered cave. Very handy.

Above - dawn mist

Above - The Grose Gorge

Above - mist in Blue Gum Forest

Above - The Grose Gorge

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