Blue Mountains Lookouts - 26-28 September 2013

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Sunset - Boars Rock Lookout - Katoomba

Above - Narrow Neck - the First Neck from Boars Head

Above - Narrow Neck cliffs

Above - Narrow Neck

Above - Boars Head

Above - Boars Head

Above - Boars Head

Above - Digi Dave in action

Echo Point Lookout

Above - floodlit Three Sisters. Note the moth trails in the light due to the long exposure. This is not a strobe effect - but due to the flapping wings of the moths.

Above - the Milky Way

Above - Echo Point Lookout

We met up with our friends - Audrey, Richie, Kian and (another Dave) in Katoomba, then after dinner headed to Perrys Lookdown to camp.

Dawn - Perrys Lookdown - Blackheath

Above - Kian with Richie

We then headed to Deep Pass to celebrate some birthdays, to camp and enjoy some nearby canyons.

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