Deep Pass Weekend - 28-30 September 2013

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A large group of us headed out to Deep Pass to celebrate some birthdays and to visit some nearby canyons.

Party - Audrey, Richie, Kian, (Jesus) Dave, Digi Dave, Rob, Albert, Mitch, Chantel, Su Li, Brent, Martin. Steffy. Grant, Jane, Scott, Enmoore, Andy, Ray, John, Chuin Nee, Jasper, Steve, Jenny, Michael and wife, Dave N

Above - at Deep Pass

Above - Kian

Above - Heading off to Deep Pass Canyon

Above - in Deep Pass Canyon

Above - Digi Dave and Albert photo-pfaffing

Above - scrambling up through the canyon

Above - Back at camp

Above - we enjoy a few nibbles....

Above - the Milky Way

Above - Richie, John and Jasper

Above - stars above our camp

Above - The Milky Way

Above - Kian

Above - Kian has something planned

Above - Jasper is happy

Above - Kian says "OK Jasper, one for you, one for me"

Above - Nayook Creek

Above - on the way to River Caves Canyon

Above - Mitch in the River caves

Above - Mitch and Chantel

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