Blue Mountains Weekend - 21-22 December 2013

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We spent an enjoyable weekend in the Blue Mountains. Hot weather was forecast - so we chose venues that had swimming available.

We started off visiting Minnehaha Falls, then headed to Cahills Lookout. On Sunday we visited Centennial Glen and Porters Pass at Blackheath and later cooled off with a swim in Glenbrook Gorge

Minnehaha Falls - Katoomba - 21 December

This delightful waterfall is found a short way down a track that lies north of the Katoomba suburb of Yosemite.

Party - John, Jasper, Keith, Dave

Above - Grevillea

Above - the creek above the falls

Above - It is a hot day and lots of people are enjoying the pool below the waterfall. Recently, this pool had silted up with sand. Recent heavy rains seem to have flushed the sand out.  Also - pollution traps have been installed near the carpark. The result is an excellent swimming spot. The water was refreshing!

Above - waterjump - from the half way ledge

Above - Minnehaha Falls

Above - on the way out

Above - Minnehaha Falls

After visiting the falls, we met up with Chuin Nee, Chris and Susie and then grabbed some pizzas and went to Cahills Lookout at Katoomba for sunset.

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