SUBW - President's Bludge Trip - 29 Sep - 1 Oct 2012

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The PBT is the SUBW President's Bludge Trip - a walk that goes to the Kowmung River on the October Long Weekend. This year club president Chantal led the walk to Hatcher's Hollow on the Upper Kowmung.

Party - Chantal (President), Mitch, Cathy, Grant, Peggy, Wisam, Chee, Ashley, Jo, Helen, Oliver and Dave N

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Above - the Boyd Plateau

Above - On the way to Mt Savage on the Uni Rover Trail

Above - on Lost Rock Lookout - Grant, Peggy, Cathy, Chee, Oliver, Wisam, Chantal

Above - Chantal, Chee and Peggy

Above - Mt Doris caught in a rain squall from near Sombre Dome

Above - Mt Colong and Kowmung Country

Above - Ashley pointing out the sights from Dicksonia Bluffs

Above - our destination - Hatchers Hollow

Above - Doris Creek

Above - Kowmung River and Mt Doris

Above - Kowmung River

Above - Mt Doris

Above - crossing the Kowmung River - tricky in high brown coloured water

Above - Ashley helps Chantal

Above - arriving at Hatchers Hollow

Above - volleyball

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