Red Rocks Traverse - June Long Weekend 2007

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Dave F, Kim and Dave N

The weekend started off very wet and stormy - so we waited till Saturday morning before setting off from Sydney. On the Saturday afternoon - we walked from Newnes to our campsite near Mt Dawson.

Above - Dawn - looking towards Mt Dawson

Above - Dawn lighting

Above - Dawn lighting

Above - We camped in this cave at the end of a nice cleft between pagodas. Because ther was a cool breeze we put up tents inside the overhang

Above - Dave F and Kim at the campsite

Above - The spectacular "Ross's Knob" pinnacle

Above - another view

Above - Rock formations

Above - Dead shrub

Above - pagoda

Above - Kim and Dave F coming down off the "Big Pagoda"

Above - Daisies

Above - Rock formations

Above - Rock formations

Above - Kim, about to start down a small canyon that Dave F had found'

Above - Kim and Dave F in the canyon

Above - Dusk

Above - the "Joey" formation

Above - Kim at the western balcony

Above - Dusk

Above - Dawn - Tayan Pic

Above - Dawn - Mt Corricudgy

Above - Dawn - Mt Canobla and Mt Gundungaroo

Above - Capertee Cliffs

Above - Kim and Dave F on the tops

Above - Pagodas

Above - Dave F and Kim on the tops

Above - we descended via this deep and spectacular canyon

Above - canyon formation

Above - Side waterfall in the canyon

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