Red Rocks Walk - 26 - 27 September 2009

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Four people had birthdays to celebrate! We decided that a walk to the Red Rocks would be a good way to celebrate them.

Party - included - John, Chuin Nee, Su Li, Burnsie, Rik, Rob, Stu, Enmoore, Martin, Steffy, Kendy, Ashley, Audrey, Richard, Ronnie, Kim, Albert, Ellen, Nazih, Jo, Julien, Ray plus lots of others..... (around 30?)

On the way up - we arrived at Wolgan Gap and found the road to Newnes closed for roadwork. We had to wait nearly two hours for it to open so went to the nearby Blackfellows Hand Cave and checked out the artwork.

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Page 4 - Walk along the Red Rocks Tops on Sunday

Page 1  - Saturday Afternoon

Above - Su Li walking up Little Capertee Creek

Above - on the tops - Pantoneys Crown

Above - Su Li heading to the campsite

Above - Chuin Nee's hat gets blown about - it was a very windy weekend!!!

Above - Our party meets some of the other parties in a sheltered spot nesteled between pagodas known as "The Room"

Above - Outside "The Room" is "Le Balcony" - which offers great views. We traveresed these cliffs the next day.

Above - Chuin Nee admiring the view

Above - Chuin Nee photo-pfaffing

Above - Su Li joins in the photo-pfaffing

Above - Pantoneys Crown and Baal Bone Point

Above - the French Connection. Audrey, Richie, Ronnie and others join us

Above - and below - more photo-pfaffing.....

Above - Wind eroded cliffs

Above - It is the Red Rocks after all!

Above - Pagoda Daisies

Above - Back in "The Room"

Above - Chuin Nee and Su Li seek out more places for photo-pfaffing

Above - Stu joins us at dusk

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