Wolgan - Capertee Divide Walk - 6-8 July 2013

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Day 2

Photos from Day 1 and photos from Day 3

Above - first light on the pagodas near our camp

Above - Tayan Pic and Mt Harvey

Above - Woolpack Rock. There seems to be no easy routes to the top of it.

Above - large pagoda near Woolpack Gap

Above - nearby side ridge. We crossed the gully in front of us and went up the small canyon on the right to the top of the ridge. Then explored the ridge to the left.

Above - Martin on the tops

Above - we climbed up through this small canyon

Above - Martin at the top of the canyon

Above - we explore another nearby slot

Above - on the ridge

Above - Woolpack Rock - on the far right

Above - Andreas

Above - Point Stewart

Above - tops near the Exploded Pagoda

Above - Baal Bone Point and Pantoneys Crown

Above - Capertee Cliffs

Above - Pantoneys Crown and bits of the Exploded Pagoda

Above - bits of the Exploded Pagoda

Above - Baal Bone Point

Above - distant domes and closer - the Lost City - a maze of pagodas

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