Wolgan - Capertee Divide Walk - 6-8 July 2013

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Day 3

Photos from Day 1 and photos from Day 2

Above - first light on Pantoneys Crown

Above - Baal Bone Point and Pantoneys Crown

Above - domes near Point Cameron

Above - mist in the Wolgan Valley

Above - setting off - Martin walking near fragments of the Exploded Pagoda

Above - Martin on a pagoda

Above - last views of Pantoneys Crown and the Capertee Valley from near McLeans Gap

Above - walking down a fire road near Cape Horn. Donkey Mountain in the Wolgan Valley in the distance

Above - complex Wolgan Cliffs

Above - looking back. The fire road ended in the clearing on the left. We used a pass to get down the upper cliffline just to the right of the middle pagoda.

Above - looking towards Cape Horn. The gully on the right provided an easy route through the lower cliffline

Above - Martin on a large dome

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