Wolgan Valley Walk - 27-29 December 2014

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Party - Wendy, Keith, Pete, Dave

This walk was organised by Wendy. We walked from Newnes down the Wolgan River following the road till it ended and then set up camp. The next day, we completed a daywalk down to Annie Rowan Creek and the Totem Pole. On the third day we walked back to Newnes.

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Above - The Wolgan River at Newnes

Above - at the ruins - the Coke Ovens

Above - Christmas Beetle (Anoplognathus pallidicollis)

Above - Keith and Wendy inspect more ruins at Newnes

Above - on the road

Above - Wolgan River at the Devils Pinch

Above - by the side of the road - this very old and large bolt

Above - Wolgan River

Above - Isopogon dawsonii (Thanks to Col Gibson for the id)

Above - this enormous cliff is known as Big Glassy

Above - under Big Glassy is an old farm - it use to be owned by Tony Luchetti MP

Above - wombat skull

Above - on the old Luchetti property

Above - we had lunch on this nice flat, just upstream from Twilight Canyon Creek

Above - further down the road - it climbs close to the cliffs

Above - native fig tree

Above - Masters Mountain on the north side of the valley

Above - Wolgan River at Rocky Creek junction

Above - can you sopt the goanna?

Above - Wolgan River

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