2013 Canyons

4 January - Dargans Creek Canyon at Clarence

11 January - Rocky Creek Canyon

12 January - The River Caves

13 January - Deep Pass Canyon and cracks near Deep Pass Clearing

18 January - Clatterteeth Canyon at Mt Wilson

24 January - Canyoning in the Blue Mountains

26 - 28 January - some remote canyoning in the Northern Blue Mountains on the Australia Day Long Weekend

2 February - Two dry canyons visited on a wet day - one in The Gardens of Stone National Park and one in Wollemi National Park

3 February - Jugglers and the Grand Canyon near Blackheath

9 - 10 February - Canyoning at Newnes in the Wolgan Valley. We visited Newnes Canyon and Pipeline Canyon

16 - 17 February - The Festival of Canyons. On Saturday I was in a party that visited Claustral Canyon. On Sunday I was in a party that visited Geronimo Canyon

10 March - Mt Hay Canyon

24 March - Hat Hill Canyon

1-2 June - The Dry Canyon in Wollemi National Park

28-30 September - Canyons near Deep Pass - Deep Pass Canyon and the River Caves Canyon

12 October - Dalpura Canyon and the Lost Pillar

7 - 8 December - Canyoning in the Gardens of Stone, camping on the Wolgan Rim, and then Rocky Creek Canyon in the Wollemi National Park

14 December - The Grand Canyon at Blackheath in the Blue Mountains

26 - 31 December - Remote canyoning in the Northern Blue Mountains

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