The Arthur Range - Photographic Essay

Photographs of the Western Arthur Range and Eastern Arthur Range - South West Tasmania

All text and images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission

The Arthurs are one of my favourite places. This is a selection of photos scanned from slides taken over a number of trips to the range. These photographs were taken between 1975 and 2001.

These photos have been distributed over two pages. The second page is located here.

Some additional photos taken on more recent trips can be found here (Jan 2003) and here (Jan 2006). Photographs of my first trip along the range in February 1975 can be found here (Western Arthurs) and here (Eastern Arthurs). Photographs of my first winter trip along the Western Arthurs can be found here (Aug 1976)

Above - Evening mist plays over the range

Above - A rugged skyline

Above - Storm in the range

Above - Ridgecrest

Above - Looking along the spine of the range

Above - Morning mist

Above - Dark and misty

Above - Misty crags

Above - Fingers of mist creep over the range

Above - Dawn view

Above - Rocky Bumps

Above - Bent trees

Above - Afternoon mist

Above - Peaks tower over the walkers

Above - Pinnacles

Above - A complex range

Above - Lake reflections

Above - Storm lighting

Above - Dusk

Above - Dawn

Above - the end of a great day

Above - Mist and mountains

Above - Mist, sun and mountains

Above - Valley view

Above - Approaching a great summit

Above - A new day

Above - Sunset

Above - Moon and a jagged skyline

Above - A number of peaks at dusk

A castle rises above the mist

Above - Quartzite ramparts

Above - Morning mist

Above - Dawn in the mountains

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