South West Tasmania - February 1975

Part 3 - Eastern Arthurs Traverse

Day 18

Spent stormbound at Craycroft Crossing. Our third and final airdrop was at Craycroft Crossing.

Day 19

Above - Bad weather - we walked to Pass Creek in the afternoon

Day 20

Above - The Needles from the top of Luckmans Lead

Above - Federation Peak from Stuart Saddle

Above - Looking back at West Portal and the Western Arthurs. Ross, Ian and Martin

Above - Ross on the way to Goon Moor

Above - Ross approaches the Four Peaks

Above - Ian and Martin scrambling in the Four Peaks area

Above -While Ross watches

Above - Ian on the "track"

Above - We stop for a break at the base of Thwaites Plateau. Ian, Martin and Ross

Above - Looking down the range


Above - We look at the North West Face of Federation Peak, Ian and Ross

Above - Ross looks towards PB, on the ridge to Hanging Lake

Day 21

Above - Our camp at Hanging Lake

Above - Hanging Lake, our two tents and (closer) those of another party from Melbourne

Above - Looking down the Eastern Arthurs

Above - Looking down the Eastern Arthurs

Above - Ross heading towards Federation Peak

Above - Ross on the summit of Federation Peak, signing the logbook

Above - Dave on the summit

Above - Ross, Ian and Martin on the summit

Above - Our logbook entry

Above - Ross begins to descend

Above - Looking towards Hanging Lake and Geeves Bluff

Above - Martin on the descent

Day 22

Above - Ross approaches the Four Peaks

Above - Ian on the way down Twaites Plateau

Day 23

Above - Martin and Ross at Blakes Opening

Above - Ian and Ross on the suspension bridge over the Picton River

Above - Back in civilisation - Ian, Ross and Martin. At the end of a mighty trip!

Above - Dave at the end of the trip

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