Blue Mountains Lookouts - 26-28 September 2013

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Digi Dave and myself headed up the mountains to spend a bit of time photo-pfaffing at lookouts in the Upper Mountains. This was a prelude to meeting up with friends and heading out to Deep Pass to celebrate some birthdays and visit some nearby canyons.

Sunset Rock - Kings Tableland - Wentworth Falls

Above - Digi Dave

Dawn - Perrys Lookdown - Blackheath

We camped at Perrys Lookdown. I got up early to photograph the dawn.

Above - sunrise near Mt Banks

Above - The Grose Valley and Mt Banks from nearby Anvil Rock Lookout

Above - a distant Asgard Head

Above - Waratah - Telopea speciosissima

Above - Dillwynia

Above - Native Iris - Patersonia longifolia

Cahills Lookout - Katoomba

Above - cliffs of Radiata Plateau

Above - Boar Head

Above - Yellow Monday Cicada - Cyclochila australasiae

Boars Head Lookout

Above - Digi Dave at Boars Head with Narrow Neck behind

Above - Boars Head

Above - Orchid - Caladenia fuscata? - on the track to the Devils Hole

Bottings Lookout - Golden Stairs - Narrow Neck

Above - Malatia Point

Above - Dracophylum

Above - Dillwynia

Above - Boronia floribunda?

Above - Green Grocer Cicada - Cyclochila australasiae

Narrow Neck Lookouts

Above - the Dog Face

Above - Boars Head

Above - cliffs near Boars Head

Above - cliffs near Boars Head

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