2005 Canyon Photo Pages


January 1 - Twister and Rocky Creek Canyons

January 2 - Dumbano and Cesspit Canyons

January 3 - Fortress Creek Canyon

January 8 - Wollangambe Canyon - The Greg Section. Tarrin's images can be found here.

January 11 - Three South Wolgan Canyons

January 12 - Whungee Wheengee Canyon. Tom's images can be found here.

January 15 - Canyon Exploration - Northern Blue Mountains

January 16 - Empress Canyon, Valley of the Waters. A very short movie of Rik doing a waterjump can be found here

January 26 - Why Don't We Do It In The Road Canyon and Wollangambe Canyon (Greg Section)

February 6 - Banks Canyon

February 26 - Kanangra Falls

February 27 - The Dry Canyon and Bells Grotto

March 5 - 6 - The Tetralogy (Wollangambe Wilderness)

March 13 - Three South Wolgan Canyons

March 19 - 20 - Northern Blue Mts Canyoning - Two canyons, one in the South Wolgan Area and one in the Wollangambe Wilderness

March 25 - 28 (Easter) - Northern Blue Mts Canyoning - Four canyons were visited

May 1 - We visited a canyon in the Blue Mts

May 15 - Magnifying Glass Canyon

June 4 - Canyon exploration mountain bike trip - Northern Blue Mts

June Long Weekend - On the Monday we visited a nice dry canyon in the Wolgan Valley. Go to day three of this page

June 26 - Jugglers Canyon and a vist to the lower part of the Grand Canyon

July 17 - Tigersnake Canyon

July 24 - A nice canyon in the Wollangambe Wilderness

July 31 - Jugglers Canyon and a visit to the lower part of the Grand Canyon (again)

October 23 - Bowens Creek Canyon - Upper Section, South Branch

November 5 - In the morning we visited Dalpura Canyon and in the afternoon we visited Koombanda Canyon

November 12 - 13 - We visited two canyons in the Wollangambe Wilderness - Hole in the Wall Canyon and Luna Park Canyon

November 19 - Canyoning near the Chifley Rd

December 3- 4 - The Canyon Festival. Organised by UTSOAC. This year it was Mt Wilson. Lots of canyons were done over the weekend by various parties. I was in groups that visited the Bowens Creek - Middle Section, South Branch on Saturday and Clatterteeth Canyon on the Sunday.

December 10 - Dargans Creek Canyon was visited before going down to the Coxs River for the SUBW Xmas trip

December 24 - Twister and Rocky Creek Canyons

December 26 - 29 - Canyon Exploration, Wollemi National Park

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